Flight to HK


So today is the first day of my family trip to Hong Kong. It should be really fun, because I have nothing to worry about. My dad did all the planning , and ill just have to learn to live with the way he runs things. Hahahaha, mostly because he is really unsure, so we end up sitting around as he goes around talking to people to make sure everything is correct. So we end up taking a really long time.

The trip from SF to HK is a pain. 14 hour flight, where I leave midnight Monday, and arrive in HK at 5 am wednesday.My favorite position inthe plane is near the window because I don’t use the restroom often. This makes it less of a hassle to go to the restroom. I did sit in the middle, and my sister had to get through me a couple times, but it was hard when the people in front were asleep, and had heir chairs leaning back.


The food was not bad, they had a Chinese and American dish from each. Chicken with egg fried rice,pasta. While for breakfast it was congee or omelet. However the Asian food was gone really fast, because it actually tasted good.


The ride was fun, and it is interesting talking to stewardess who can speak both Cantonese, mandarin and English,so they randomly split off talking to me differently each time. Depending on how my parents speak at that moment.

What I realize, is that there are things all dads parents do that embarrass you. So can I live with it? Not really, so I usually say my peace about why what he is doing is really childish and immature. Then I suck it up, because he knows I didn’t like it.

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