First Day of Work


Today was my first day of work! I really enjoyed it. There are many things that  company can do that makes me think they are really good.

First thing, is that they were very organized, and gave me a 2 hour welcoming speech and walkthrough. Where we went through all my paperwork, and told me about the company history, and went though most of my welcoming package.


I also got a pink bag with my office supplies in it. They had a full stack of office supplies, and looked really organized. I really loved this experience.

There are also so many different people in the office. I hope I remember all their names. The only funny thing was that the controls side is really crammed. So there is 2 of us in cubicles. That is the reason why everyone in the control side is so loud. We are the only ones with 2 people sitting within 3 feet of each other.


Also, I received my sunglasses that I bought when I started a company with Marcel. We are planning on doing control drawings, or small service projects on the side. Smile It is mostly going to take a year of two before we take off.

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