Field Work Out on Site

Hooray for field work. I got to go out to the field on friday to work with the field guys. Hahaha, all the Union guys and me the engineer. Got to eat from a roach coach, and walk around with my awesome Cal Poly hard hat. I actually put the decals on the helmet myself to make it look like a cal poly helmet. It was because I saw my friend wear his Cal Bears helmeet, so I needed to show my school pride. However, I think most of the construction workers out in the field had no idea what was on my helmet. They must think i love horses, I guess I should have just put a hello kitty sticker on the back too. =)

This is them installing a staircase.

I’m actually doing the controls, so I sit in the basement in a room that is referred to as the “dungeon”. There is no cell phone reception, the alarms go off, and no outside light or air. Feels like a cage.

Oh yeah, and I got to see plummers cracks, and heard a lot of 4 letter words that were merged with other words to create new mega cuss words. My mind was blown away by some of the uses of the words.

My favorite is watching the guys clean using the backpack vaccum. Makes me think of them like ghostbusters.

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