Farmers Market & Dinner


So one of the places we to was a farmer’s market. One that my mom remembers as a kid.

She told us how as a 4 year old, our late grandma would tell her to stand outside so my grandma could go inside to the stores lining the farmers market.
My mom would get distracted and look at other stuff. She then got lost, cried , which caused a policeman to come and say he would pick her up so she could see, but she didn’t like it. So got off his shoulder and walked 2 blocks home.
Took the elevator to the 2nd floor, becuase that was the tallest button she could reach. Then she walked 2 more floors up.


Look at all the little lanterns and green bins where all the shops open out from. We got some really good looking pears at a great price.

Then for dinner we went to eat with my dad’s church friend. That guy works on of HK and US, so half the time he is flying between Milpitas and HK. We ate very delicious food. They make Chinatown food taste average. We had a salted ginger chicken , which was so smooth and amazing. The place has a 1.5 hour dinner eating limit, so kick you out to serve the next group at 7:30.


Then going back to our hotel, we walked past a really good looking dessert place. So we all got egg tarts. Yummy yummy yummy.

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