Faculty Advisor

I went to talk to my faculty advisor today. He’s a cool guy. I”m not sure what he teaches, but he has an open door, adn if i ever wanted to talk to him, i just have to come in. I don’t think i actually told him my name, that’s funny. In the 14 minutes we talked, i don’t think he knew my name. I think he might know it, beucase i had e-mail him. I was walking out the room, and i noticed that i never stated my name. =).

I found enjoyment in playing smallball again. My team beat mike’s team by 1 run. I had trained my players better then he had trained his. But i have to restart my team, becuase i didn’t play with it for a long time so they just began to detoriate in skill

My math teacher wants everyone to go to his office hours, because we sucked on his quiz. It was becuase the quiz was only one question, and he had to give us a trig identity to integrate. I don’t remember what the integral of 1/x^2 + 1 is. But i do now. It’s (1/a)tan^-1 (x/a). That’s all it was. Next time i’m doing the even homework problems also. Don’t want ot be caught like that again.

Crazy, i’m going to take a learning to test to give me a general idea to what kind of learner i am.

It says i’m an Auditory learner.

Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learner

I think i’m in the middle. So i’ll have to walk around and talk to myself a lot when i am studying.

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