my lab teacher is so nice

he made our lab easy. We went in, he did some resuscitatino. Then he just said. “it’s too early for this part of the lab to work well, so everyone, i just need you to do 2 things. Tell me whether the van der graph, and williams machine have a positive or negative charge. So that took at most 2 minutes. Then i was gone.

I’m getting into crosswords. It’s fun to do when there is nothign else intersting going on.

It’s really windy outside. I was freezing in my sweater. Just have to tough it out.


Eating 7 bean/cheese calzones

I took these calzones from lighthouse last night. We were going to throw it away. So i took them back with me. Now i’m eating them as left overs. Good stuff.

Last night in the kitchen, i tried to put a tray into the revolving oven. But i put it in the wrong way, so the pan flipped itself and all the food on that tray was lost. =(. A lot of people came to lighthouse last night. The teryikai chicken, and enchiladas were being eaten fast. Also the chicken nuggets were being devoured. I did a lot of different things last night.

Time to watch naruto


toilet makes noise

whoever was the engineer that made these toilet sensors suck. The one in our bathroom, that they put in to stop the toilet from overflowing didin’t do a good job. These sensors went off again for no reason, and it’s as annoying as a fire alarm. My roommate had to keep on turning the thing off, and eventually he figured out the problem, the sensor’s silence button, was jammed into the machine. So he had to shake it and it popped back out. And no more noise from the toilet.

Now i just have to figure out how to stop my roommate from getting calls at midnight. While i’m asleep. Currently, i just leave my ringer off. Hoping that my roommate will tell me if the phone call is for me.

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