Escape the Super Villian Device


To prepare for my birthday, this year will be an awesome 30 year event. There will be an escape the room game. I wanted to make it more elaborate, but I just don’t have the time to do it. Mostly because I decided to do the “escape the room” type thing really late. (2 weeks before my birthday)

The goal was to also make a starting flash video to give the players info on what is happening. However, I just had to write it out, and say it to them. The story went that the supervillians had broke in and turned on a doomsday device. However, to save the world, you had to go through a museum that was booby trapped. Get to the vault, and grab out the doomsday device shutdown kit.

This would fit will with my theme of superheroes. So I hope all my friends will like it, because I think I put in a good 30 hours working on this.


I first had to make the map, and then create a map. Then the hardest part was trying to come up with clues that will help people solve the map, while not making it too easy/hard. My goal is to have everyone finish right at the 60 minute mark. I made it a little easier so I could see my friends finish it.


I made a png version of the map, and printed it out on cardstock at fedex.


I have all the answers written somewhere, the most important is keeping the clues for how to solve the math problems. I have this one tricky math problem.

I did a couple mock run through to see if I could break my game, it didn’t look I could.  IMAG1881

Then when the went into the vault, they would get a small plastic case which was locked up with a padlock, that a sodoku puzzle that I hid inside their clipboards would be able to use.


This is the picture of my doomsday device. They have to know which wire to cut, the temperature, and the code. Smile

These are actually things I love to do, coming up with games and designing it. I think designing is my favorite part of an activity. Too much fun coming up with new things. I might put that up on my blanklab website. It looks like something I could put on that site.

Stuff like this, I could do all day! I love it so much.

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