Escape the Room: Time Travel & Rabbit


So I was doing some situps today and I guess Daisy was being very curious. She kept on coming up to me and sniffing me as I was doing crunches. It was really interesting, because I was afraid she would nip me, but she only just sniffed and nose bumped me.


Today we went to “escape the time travel lab”, and I had bought all 10 tickets when they went on sale right away. I organized the event, so had everyone meet us in japan town at 5;45pm. Because it was really cold outside, we went inside to a restaurant, the soju restaurant to get some snacks and go over the game plan.

Our gameplan went like this, I would be the point person who would collect all the clues from everyone. So when everyone found a clue, they would bring it to me. Then I would make sure that there were people working on each clue, and some rummaging.

Everyone actually got there in time, so we were able to start


The way the place is set up is that there are usually a good number of clues you have to solve that will allow you to progress. So you have to be very meticulous in looking for items, and pretty quick at solving the puzzles. Time is the biggest culprit against us.


A few of our fellow adventurers. It was funny how a lot of my friends were “destoryers” according to their own desciptions. Too bad we could not destroy anything.

We ended up doing around 80% of the room before we ran out of time. There were around 4 more clues left, and we would have needed around 20 more minutes before we figured it out.

Overall, I was really pleased with how we did. There was one thing I noticed, we did not really have a good mix of people’s best skills. A lot of us were good at rummaging and certain types of problems. But there were some logic problems that gave us a lot of trouble.


To celebrate our sadness of losing, we ate japanese food after.

My favorite part of the escape from the room were the group events, while we were waiting to see if we had solved parts of the clue correct. Jamie, and Macklin were the most excited. They were told not to run. Smile

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