All-Night video games all the time :)

My friend Edris has a week off from working at the hospital. So he has been pretty free. Once of the things I have noticed about life is that no matter what age you are, you always still laugh at the same jokes, and there are some similar things that we always do.

Edris, Vinesh, and I use to hang out at night time, like around 10pm after all our family stuff. So yesterday, Edris hung out with me at 10:45pm after I went to church, and he came from his grandparents.

So we sat around the house playing video games, watching music videos, talking, and playing with my rabbit. It was so much fun, especially with the baseball video game. I won one, and he won the other one.

So E was asking me about my rabbit, and I was telling him how the rabbit is really fun, and girls love her. He started to realize it when he saw the rabbit climb all over me to look for food. How I would make the rabbit stand on its hindlegs and eat from my hand. His line of the night was “Andrew, that looks so cool, makes me want to date you”.

One of the most interesting thing is watching a happy bunny. They do this move called a binky, where they jump and twist their body. The rabbit did that at 3am in the morning, so now I know when the rabbit is the happiest.

Watching the rabbit be so happy, made me feel really happy. Along with just hanging out with one of my best buddy’s in the morning. This is one of those guys where I would trust him with everything, and I know he will have my back.

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