Double Post in One

Since a lot happened yesterday and today, I will combine it into a megablog.

On sunday, I had to teach children sunday school, and I’m excited that I don’t have to teach them anymore =). I know it sounds bad, but I really need a new class, I don’t have much “leverage” left with this class. So they outright disobey me, knowing that I am most likely not going to punish them hard. Somehow, I tried to do a wrestling taunt to get their attention, and it did, but they followed me all after church. Asking me to do that move again. Really weird having 4 , 4th graders just following you around as you are eating, and talking to your friends.

Went to see the bodyworks exhibit at Tech Museum. They have some pretty cool exhibits, and I found it interesting how they were able to inject plastic into a head to get a real model of the blood vessels in a person’s head. The best part of looking at bodyworks, was that it made me want to eat really healthy.

The funny thing that happened yesterday was during dinner.9 of us were eating family style at a chinese restaurant. I had the rice serving bowl, so I started to scoop rice for my friends next to me. I turn to the right, and she says “no thanks, I’m just going to eat vegetables”. I turn to the left and ask “can i get your plate to put rice on your plate”, and she says “no, i’ll get it later”. I still had a scoop of rice in my sppon, and I go one more person down, and he goes “why don’t you just serve yourself first?”, so I’m still looking at my friends plate to the left and start to put rice onto my plate. As I’m dropping it, I hear my friend across the table go “Andrew, don’t do it?”. Plop goes the rice, and I look down …. what do i see? I had put rice all over my napkin that was still sitting on my plate. =).

I just found it funny that after I did that, everyone went around and scoop their own rice, and when the bowl of rice came back around my friends on both sides of me scoop their own rice. Haha, It just added confusion to my mind, because my grandparents,parents always taught me to serve everyone first then serve myself last.

I did finally start studying for my Professional Engineering test today in the morning. This time I’m mostly just studying for the afternoon sessino by just doing questions. Last time I just reading, and I don’t think I did enough problems

While i was out at SF today, I walked 7 miles today, up and down sunset at the beach. My knee kind of hurts because i’m stepped funny on a surface as I was talking down a side of the dirt path.

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