Matt’s birthday

So today I went to Matt’s house to celebrate his birthday. It was a suprise thing, so we all get to his house 30 minutes before and sit in his car. Then his girlfriend’s job was to let us in at 12pm very quietly. However as we were sitting in the car, the neighbor must have been paranoid seeing cars with people inside outside our friends house. He comes out and starts taking down our license plate numbers One of my friends goes and asks them what they are doing and they think we are dealing drugs or stealing wifi. So they go and call the police on us. =(. However, the police do not arrive until we are inside our friends house doing the surpise thing at 12. And we give them a red velet cupcake.

Only bad thing about knowing magic tricks is that people always want to see me perform something. Hahaha, and I don’t carry all my stuff on me all the time, it takes up too much bag space. Unless you want to see a giant lump because i’m carrying all the stuff in my back pockets.

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