Dilated Eyes

I went to the optometrist today, and I love going to see Dr. Pope. I’ve had him look at my eyes for almost 13 years. He always jokes about how the contacts I keep on using are so old that i’m the only one that still orders that brand. 😉

But he dilated my eyes, and I had to sit around for 15 minutes waiting for the lady technician to process my info and get me new contacts. With my dilated eyes, everything became so bright and glowing, it felt like I was in a warm romantic movie, everyone had this glow to them. I was having a hard time reading anything close. But I did come out with some awesome pairs of shades. Make me feel like the green lantern’s mask. So i’ll keep it when i do magic tricks, because that might be fun to do out in the field.

I got shot in the back of my head today by my co-worker with hier nerf gun. I nailed him in the arm from point blank, and when i turned around he popped me in my head. =) I’ll get him from long range tomorrow with our punch shot. Which we find out gives it more speed and power, punch forward while you shoot.

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