City Impact Saturday

Taking Bart requires a lot of good timing. =) I woke up at 7am and was hoping to get to the Bart station for the 7:25 train, but i finished washing my face at around 7:15, which was too late to go for that one. So I had to wait for the second train at 7:45/


Anyway, today we went to It was out in the tenderloin district. The way it was set up was that there was a morning opening service, then we went out and did outreach session, then an evening service and night time street ministry.

I was only able to do morning service and outreach session. There were 7 different stations: 1) Preparing food, 2) Helping with the block party, 3) preparing groceries, 4) delivering snacks and inviting people to the block party. 5) beauty makeover (pedicure, haircuts), 6) Clothing giveaway.


A lot of the workers that were helping out were getting their info on what they were doing. We were also eating a lunch, I got a turkey sandwich, water, corn nuts, and string cheese!


Our goal was to have people leaving knowing God more and giving God the glory.

Francis Chan gave a really strong message about making sure we were in our right perspective and loving the people the way Jesus would love them.


So we went to 3 different buildings with some snacks and flyers. These places were small and use to be old hotel rooms. So it was a really small place. Talked to the people and just listening to them, offering them prayer and just showing them God’s love.

Some people were not as easy to talk to, so to sometimes see if I could get a little more time to talk to them, I would make a napkin rose or show them a magic trick. Which usually us me more time to talk to people. It was 4 of us on each floor, going 2 per room.


So the block party was huge, a lot of people and the worship team band sounded pretty good when we walked past them to refill our boxes with snacks.

I also met this cool person who was the photographer for the outreach. Her name was elani, and she needed someone to translate cantonese to a lady. So I was there talking to the grandma. The funny thing was Elani had come alone, so she was going to randomly follow someone when they went to go eat. So some of the people from my church were surprised when they turned around to see a random girl not from our church walking with us in our group. (she crashed our group) :).


Then I had to leave before ending service. Had a family gathering. I had not met my uncle’s family before, so his mom and brother had come to visit. So all my aunties and uncles came, and brought their parents too. So it was a mega family dinner. =)



Ethan my little cousin is so funny, and fat.


My other cousin Candice got a new puppy, 12 months old named Copper? Haha, i forgot the name of the dog.


Funny thing was watching the dog and my cousin ethan play. Ethat was kind of scared of the dog, and I guess the dog has never played with a baby so was following Ehan around. Everytime the dog came towards Ethan, he would walk and grab someone’s pants.

So that was my busy day.

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