Friday Friday Friday

I took a nice picture of the sky on wednesday when I went to paint my house. This was one of my favorite things to do in college, just watch the sky and look at clouds. However, these clouds aren’t the ones that have cool images, but it does look really pretty. =)


This week was a pretty tough week at work. We are backlogged on work, and I am essentially the only engineer in the office currently that is making engineering drawings. ONe of the engineers is on vacation and should be back monday, while the other engineer is stuck out doing some startup at redwood city. So he can’t do anywork. =(

So I am pushing out a lot of drawings but they are a little crappy because I just have no time, and need to hit the deadlines.

I was out at lakeshore today after work, one of my favorite places in oakland because it is near my grandma’s house. I would go down there as a kid to get donuts or go to luckys (which is not a trader’s joe).



As I was waiting for my friend, I saw these two dogs sitting over there. The kid had such fun and friendly dogs, they would come and want to climb over everyone. So I played with both of them for 5 minutes, and they were both licking me looking for food. =P Then I also notice how having dogs gets so many people to walk by and maybe stop to pet them…. Okay, I might want to get a dog. =)


Then I ate some crepes, it was tandori crepe, and then I had bbq chicken crepe. =)

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