Peanut Mover Robot

So for this year’s VBS “Pandamania”, one of the chruch moms asked me to make something for an afternoon class. It would be about robots, and ask the kids to learn how to play and program them. I am kind of scared because I will be letting kids play with my robot (elementary and middle school) That means. “smoke and fires” might be around the corner. =( So I am trying to make a lot of cheap stuff that will be “replaceable”.


Last night I spent 4 hours wiring and soldering up the peanut robot kit that I bought. The purpose of the robot is to roll around in a straight line and stop once it senses a wall or packaging peanut.



I was testing it out today and it isn’t working correctly. The thing does not stop when it runs into a wall. :(, and adjusting the sensor, whenever it hits a wall it should make a siren. However, the robot does the opposite, makes no sound and keeps on running into a wall when it hits the wall, but will not move when it is free.

Today in parkour class, I had a terrible fall from 6 feet up. Tripped up as I was trying to jump a higher block that I was not use to. =( Going to have a really sore arm tomorrow.

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