Church BBQ and Alan Walk-off, and Softball BBQ


The church had its annual BBQ, I help set up the Church Photobooth, and I also worked at the dunk tank, helping daniel bo and pedro get hit/dunk. The kids were missing out on daniel bo a lot. However they were practicing so when pedro got in there, those kids were starting to hit the mark all the time.There was this boy that knocked Pedro down 3x in a row. Smile


Here is the face painting table.


The jump house and welcome table. Smile


Cotton Candy and Ice machine.


The photobooth.


The Dunk Tank.

Then after that we had an Alan walk off at my house. He challenged himself when he had drunk too much that he could walk in high heels. So we made him walk up and down a catwalk I made in the backyard. He was a really good sport, we raised 92 dollars for him, and made him dance Michael Jackson Thriller, Gangnam Style, and Macarena. He had 2 high heels that he wore.

Then I made some ribeye, it was really delicious. Smile Dennis gave me a link to tenderizing steak with kosher salt. I didn’t have kosher salt, so I used sea salt instead. It just made the ribeye a little saltier after I washed it. However, it tasted like you put A1 steak sauce on it, so it was really good.

Then we had karaoke, and a movie playing out doors “True Lies”. I would say it was a very successful evening. I had a wonderful time serving my friends and giving them my love through cooking. Sherri also loved it a lot, I tried to invite her friends, but they never come. Smile I’ll get them one day.

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