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This past weekend, I went to a bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta. I have never been to one outside of the country. So I was super excited to have a trip that was far away. Smile I missed my friend’s Conal Bachelor party in Texas, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss this one.

Hightlight #1

-Found out that Neil was married for 6 months, didn’t tell anyone.


So we arrived at PV, and for some reason I didn’t realize that it was in the central time zone. Hahaha, so I was wondering why I was so tired, and why the flight was so long. o.



Here is the best description of what happened at the Bachelor Party.

That moment when a Mexican zoo tiger bites onto your knee cap and wont let go…


Mas Bueno Hombre – Jonathan Geyer
Activity Planner of the Year – Brian Phillips
Wild Card – Most Likely to Sleep in a Gulch – Dante Dugan (aka Hodor)
Mr. Steady / Left Hand Man – Greg da Rocha
Taxi Accountant / Most Likely to Take Up a Whole Room by Himself – Robert McCoy
Least Likely to Wear Pants – Neil Owen
Most Likely to Draw Stares While in Public – William Aydelotte
Guy Who Doesn’t Want Gin – Matt Kubasta
Rookie of the Year – Andrew Wong

So the point man/best man is JR.


Back to the trip, we got the all inclusive resort which had a lot of “exclusions” in it. Like no free internet, but free room service. So we ended up not really having internet all weekend. It was nice not being stuck to the phone, so JR emailed all our gf/wives that we were alive. I need to memorize Sherri’s phone number because I didn’t remember it.



We sat around for maybe an hour doing all the paperwork drinking their wine. The first wine they served was good, the second one sucked.IMAG4031

The nice part of this place was that the weather was lovely, and really nice and warm. Which meant that I got bitten terribly by bugs. Smile However, the infinity pool, and ocean were awesome.


Here was a view from our hotel, it was a really spectacular view. With 2 hammocks, and a hot tub. We got 3 rooms, one was an 8 room, and other was 2 room. Initially we had Brad and his cousin in the 2nd room, but Brad wanted to sleep with us, so I think it was Dante and Matt that slept in the other room.  IMAG4057

The first night, we went to a steakhouse, and drank a lot and ate a lot. How would I rate their cooking, they are trying to cook american food for me, and take a long time to cook. So the food comes out a little cold, or underdone. So I would give them a 6 out of 10 for food. It was decent, but nothing to be a foodie about.


My favorite part about going to places outside of the US, especially when I don’t have to plan anything is how relaxing it is. The weather is warm, and life is nice and slow. I don’t know how anyone can get angry ….. until later in the night.

We are old guys, so after dinner we had a 1 hour nap before going to the dance club. Hahahaha, that is how you know we are old. We need time to get ready to get to the clubs by midnight.

The first night we went to a place called La Mandala, and it was an EDM place. So loud my ears were ringing from the rest of the night. I shouldn’t write too much more about what happened here, except that I was randomly going around just dancing. So we all eventually ended up in the middle of the dance area.


– Canadians

– Twerk

– Taxi Rage

– 22 year old drinking skills

-Butt Tattoos

It was really nice outside the club, there were families just outside just relaxing and bringing their little kid.

At night, I shared a bed with Neil, I had to use these little pillows as a barrier to make sure I didn’t wake up being cuddled by him, because I think it would get too hot. .


~That was day 1

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