Bottom of the Hill: Overseas w/ David Bazon


My coworker loves live music. So do I, but I did not know who the guy who was playing was tonight. The band was Overseas with David Bazon.


It was really nice that Karl took me, but it was because nobody else went with him on a monday night. Smile But I really karl, he is real, and I have a lot of good conversations with him.

What did I think about the concert. The first band that played was too loud, I couldn’t really hear any vocals, could only hear the instruments.

As for the band Overseas, I think they were pretty good, but their showmanship was terrible. It was because they turned their backs to the audience while they were playing. However, David Bazon had good vocals, and he had good showmanship.

After the concert, my co-worker and I were in the back area just talking and met an older guy who seems to always be there listening to new music. Then my co-worker ran upstairs to get his LP signed by the band, he told me he felt like a little 8 year old girl giggling while he was waiting for them to appear from their green room to sign.

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