At work today, there was a tragic accident at the plant. A giant earthmover or something ran over a worker. So I found out how dangerous it is to be working with big machines. I was inside the engineering building so I just heard second hand about what it.

Oh a lighter note, I got some frisbees, pins and pens. So I was giving it to some of the people at VBS. The frisbees were nice, and andy was teaching me a cool frisbee throw. Where I throw it backwards, it makes the frisbee go much slower than usual and fakes people out.

And I was driving home tongiht after toastmasters. While I was driving, I was thinking about , what would other people think if I drove with one hand. Would the person sitting next to me be scared if I drove in this awkward position, or with my knees. As I was driving up the hill, I was thinking “I have really good car driving instincts”, then while I was thinking this, I actually slowed down to the speed limit of 25 mph. The sun was down, and I looked into my rearview mirror, and it looked like a volvo with a flat bar on the top. Then I thought about it, and it was the popo. He must have been trailing me for at least a mile, but I wasn’t paying attention behind me. Then he went away once I got near my house. So my record is still clean.

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