Black Eye and Training

I have a black eye, I didn’t know it because I thought i just walked it off. But I didn’t, and there is a nice crescent dark moon on my eyes. =) Result of a bad flip where I landed on my knees (couldn’t stick the landing).

So I’m going to go with a cool story like what Kaley told me to do. “I got beat up by two punk guys trying to steal an old lady’s purse”. =)

That is a much better story than the one i had when I had pinky surgery. The story everyone wanted me to say was that I got it broken arm wrestling a guy.


I have not really started training for the disneyland half marathon. So I’m going to this week, by just doing parkour. I don’t think i could run 13.3 miles just doing nothing. So during lunchtime for the rest of these few weeks I will jump over things and pretend I am a superhero. And also build up my ability to do the kong vault as shown in the picture and video.

My currently inability is to lift my legs all the way straight back and then tuck it in later. However I did get the anime running part down. Hold my arms behind my back until i get close then swing forward.

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