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I bought another bicycle for myself so that Sherri could ride it with me. I got the smallest bike I could find a 50cc bicycle. So we decided to try to bike to coyote hills. It would be a really short and easy ride.

So the path we took was the alameda creek river path. There is a left and right side for the path,, so I started out on the right side, and it was mostly paved. However, half a mile in, it started to turn to gravel. So when we were rolling underneath one of the freeways, sherri started to lose control and pressed the brake with the left hand first instead of the right. (so that engaged the front brakes). So she told me she started to “superman”. Smile


Then we biked more down the road and ended up at Coyote hills. There are no coyotes on the hill, and it is a pretty far distance from houses and the road. I think it is because of this, and the 5 dollar entry fee, that most people don’t go there. So it is only accessible if you ride your bike in, or run the 1 mile in.


Then we headed back after biking around 7 miles out, and getting back just in time before my butt was in too much pain.

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