Baby Experiencing all her new 1st in July

Happy 4th

It is hard to really blog these first 2 months, so these are catchup blogs. I think the hardest part about taking care of a newborn is trying to figure out how to live life with a new family member. Sherri and I want to give her as many new experiences as possible, but it also requires us to plan ahead and find things that are suitable for her.

The one really nice thing about Naomi is that she is a very calm/chill kid. Loud music and strobing lights don’t really seem to bother her at all.

The 4th of july parade was pretty fun, there were a wide variety of floats and people marching in the parade.

Another place that I took Sherri to was Hog Island Oyster Bar. There are some food that Sherri had been craving for a long time because she could not eat it during her pregnancy. The oysters at Hog Island were very delicious, and the kid slept through the whole meal out there.

Sherri excited for the oysters.
the 6 different oysters.
Sleeping beauty with me.

We started going back to church, and we are hoping that by going out with the baby a lot, we will get her use to traveling with us.

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