A’s tickets


I went to the A’s stadium today at lunch to buy my tickets for the double headers on july 27.


See these tickets? These are the costco tickets 50 dollars for 2 lower box seats and $10 vouchers on both tickets.

Well my friend told me where her group was sitting, I texted her and she had written down on an email Section 129, Row 20, seats ….. So I got seats as close to her, and texted her the picture.

Then 1 hour later she is home and texts me #girlfail, “I gave you the wrong section, we are section 128, row 20, seats 10-15.”



Hahahah, they don’t have too many things at the A’s store, more girls shorts and 4-5 different jersey designs. I should just go to the internet for the jerseys.


It is interesting going to the stadium on an off day. The girl selling me tickets was on her iphone. Smile



Then I ate at this restaurant in fremont. Owned by Chinese muslim, so everything was halal, it was different. Seeing so many middle easterns in a chinese restaurant.

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