Updated Living Room Wall Stencil

Finished stenciled wall

One of the few things I wanted to get done before the baby was finished up the living room. In February, Sherri found this beautiful french design on https://www.royaldesignstudio.com/products/french-floral-damask-stencil?_pos=1&_sid=74c87e798&_ss=r&variant=1270677060 . I was able to do 1.75 walls before the baby came out. It took me almost 5 months to paint the wall, working weekends and week nights. It took me around 1 hour to do each stencil.

Here are some pictures of my work. Initially we were trying to figure out the initial background wall color, had to repaint one corner of the room 2x.

If you look at the top right image, we had chosen a darker gray with the base white, and the image had too much contrast. So eventually, I had to find a new color, which ended up being 1436 Whirlpool by benjamin moore.

Moving along

One of the things I noticed about working with a stencil that is as complicated and detailed as this, is that I need to actually go and touchup the stenciling. I think the issue with our house is that all our walls are textured, so it kind of makes the paint run once in a while, or pool into a hole. Or the biggest issue i have is inconsistency with paint thickness. I can’t really tell that the paint is not on thick enough sometimes until i pull it off, and I noticed that it is not as dark as other parts.

The last thing i think you might noticed is that the stencil wraps around the wall. I have to hand paint the corners a little bit. I am able to kind of bend the stencil to make the wall stencil work. The stencil goes around all 4 walls, and I found a random spot that I merge the stencils together.

Final image.

I was able to finish the wall with the baby because the baby ate every 2 hours. So I would feed her 40 minutes, then I would paint for 10 minutes, take down the stencil, and let it dry for 1 hour. Then I would set up the next stencil.

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