Tsing Tao Expo & Wine


Today, I hung out with my parents at the Tsing Tao Expo. It was a nice day to get out of the house and hang out in a different venue besides the house. The expo is much smaller than it use to be, but never the less it is pretty entertaining.


One of the first thing we did today was do the hyundai test drive. Where we test drive and got free 10 dollar ranch 99 gift cards. I ended up test driving the hyundai genesis. It isn’t a bad car, very luxurious, not as sporty as my TLX. It did have a really pretty sunroof.


There were a lot of performances. Ever time I see a Lion dance, I think of the one time my sister misheard my mom when asked if she wanted to Line Dance. My sister thought my mom said “Lion Dance”, so went to ask if she could be the front or the rear.


One of the funny things about a expo like this, is that you can tell where they are either giving away free stuff, or there is something is really good at the end of the line. So because of that, my parents had to walk to see what it was because they wanted to wait in line. Smile It was something with food, and because my dad is on that healthy diet, we didn’t wait in line for it.  IMAG3827

As I said the place was not as full as it use to be. They had some weird booths that were selling widgets that I don’t think anyone would really care about. Like cabinet hinges/springs. Smile


Selfie time with my dad while we watched a talent show. IMAG3831

They had day 2 of the Mr. Tsing Tao Competition. It was the Mr. Physical competition. Wow, some of those guys were super buff. There were 12 guys and they did 3, 30 second competition. Pullups, Situps, and this overhead 35pound raise. Some of those guys had really good V shape, and you could tell they were going to bring some power. It was funny all the girls that were watching carefully. Smile

Overall. I would say I had a fun time, it would be one of those I go because I love hanging out with my parents.


I took my parents home after, juice, made dinner, and then went to have dinner with Sherri. I took her to this place in niles called “the vine”. It was the best place near my house that looked like a fancy wine bar. IMAG3833

We ended up getting beers/wine, and some snacks. Then ended it with ice cream.


Earlier sitting next to us was a couple. The guy had some awesome ribs, and he ended up asking us if the pulled pork sandwich was good. Which we resoundingly told him yes! They actually left their food, but we got the waiter to get them back.  IMAG3839

There was a nice long line for ice cream at the ice cream shop, and I got the heath krunch, which was delicious. Smile 

Maybe I’ll try “tyme for tea” next, because they seem to have a good tea plate.

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