Thoughts of a hitter

So I should describe my feelings while I was at bat to give us the 9-7 lead and eventual win for the softball team.

I was hoping my teammates would score the winning runs so I didn’t have to cause myself to pay up with the BBQ. However, with the bases loaded, I walked up with 2 ideas in my mind “0-10 as a manager? or 1-9 with having to pay for a BBQ”. In my mind, I thought, 1 win is still better than being double digit loser. So I decided I would try to win it.

(I’ll write this in 1st person dramatic, so it feels better)

Walking up to the plate, the crowd chanting “We want meat”, “Do you smell what Andrew is cooking” “Is your wallet ready to lose weight?”

Walking to the plate, I come up with a battle plan for how I want to get on base. “The plan is, if the pitcher throws a 1st pitch ball, I will try to draw a walk, if a 1st pitch strike, I will have to hit to score”.

Just as I am stepping into the batter’s box, I glance around to see the position. It looks like a standard formation. I’ll try to aim it towards RF like last time. Getting into the box I set up for the first pitch.

First pitch from pitcher, Strike!

Okay, time to swing,

Second pitch from pitcher, foul pop up to the fence.

Down to the next pitch, no more aiming, just square the ball and hit ball.

Pitch comes in, boom, sharp single up the middle over the pitchers head.

I run to 1st base clapping my hands because I knew I just gave us the lead.

The crowd went crazy on that hit. It was one of the best feelings ever.


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