For Transparent, we had a MOOTS hangout. Where 8 of us would host a family from Roots, and Merge. They didn’t really give us information on what to do, it was because the people in charge were getting married and totally forgot.

So I decided to choose for my group what we were going to do. I first tried to figure out the family we were getting. It was a family with 4 kids of random age. Which meant that I would have to come up with something that everyone could do.

The main ideas people gave out was board games, which I knew would suck with my people. Then I thought of something that was kind of easy, pretty cheap, and fun to do. This is how I came up with terrariums.

The cost Breakdown was mostly this:

One Succulent – $2
One Bowl – $1

Bag of Rocks, Soil, Sand, Moss – around 50 cents for each plant

So the breakdown of the terrariums was around $3.50. Which was not too pricy, Paula asked me if it was cheap or not. I said it was mostly the succulants that cost all the money.

As for the night, it went by really well. The families that we hosted really enjoyed it. They were impressed with what we did, and I think we made a great impression.

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