Softball Practice Sunday

These are the new bases I bought for softball. They are amazingly cool.


Being a softball manager is a lot of work. Especially with the people on my team. I’m not sure they think baseball is a sport you actually have to workout and get a little fit. The girls complain whenever I make them do cardio drills, which is essentially grapevines, butt kicks, skips, and other things. Do around maybe 8 reps of 90 feet runs.

Then the hardest part of softball is getting people to practice properly. There is practice, but there is proper practice. What is the difference? It is that practice you can just half-try. While proper practice, you are working on small techniques to make yourself better. Do I see everyone practicing like it is important? Not really, does it really matter? Not really. It will just be during the game if they get into that situation, they might be a little scared and mess up. That is all I want to do, have them prepared for that situation.


This is Doug’s RFK pin, I think it has been sitting in my desk for over a year, and I don’t know how it got there. However it was there, and the first thing I did when I looked at it was think. “I should give this to Doug”. I texted him to find out that he had lost that pin a long time ago. Smile

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