Softball & Dinner


Our softball team is continuing the downward slide. So to raise morale I have been trying to prepare everyone to be more fundamentally sound to win.

And then I invited everyone to have dinner after. Tooke them out to Bronco Billy in Union city, I totally forgot that the place was “haunted”. It was so funny, one of the girls on our team talked about it, and scared a lot of the girls. Hahaha, I think the ghost’s name is Larry or something. Anyways I did order the pizza and we ate it at Dennis’s place because they closed at 9pm.


The last time I ate at this place, I was in a little league baseball team.

We did watch the warriors game, and we had some really funny superstitious stuff. Someone started doing indian calls and the warriors started scoring. So we all ended up doing that.

In overtime we started putting people’s names in hats. If you name was drawn you had to sit in the restroom, and you would only come out if the warriors could not score. Then someone else would go in.

It is only stupid if it doesn’t work. hhahahahahahaha

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