Good news about sports like softball is that it is a teamsport. So everyone can sink or swim a team. The hardest part of it is usually telling another person that it is okay if they mess up (even though I might not feel like). Because don’t want to mentally mess up their psyche, or else they will over think.

Right now, when I’m playing with the people next to me. You can see the people that are overthinking. Which is causing them to hit/swing miss. while on defense, you can see them hesistate then miss throws.

I had an inside the park homerun today, because thier CF let the ball over their head, and the person who was throwing the ball in fumbled the ball. So I lead the game off with a home run. 🙂

ET was throwing a really good game, because the first inning was a 1-2-3 inning. Kristina got the 1st out , and made a pretty good throw to 1st from 3rd on a grounder.

I got the next two ground outs. It is interesting how 1 second (if I fumble for the ball in the glove) could be the difference between a single and an out. This is what I’m thinking when i’m picking up a grounder on the throw to the 1st baseman, I think this is the best way to describe it”.

“Okay, guy at bat. Looks like he is a pretty hard swinger, so I’ll stand farther back. Let me see how far the outfielders are behind me, so I will know how far I have help behind me. *batter hits ball* Hmm, the ball is coming to me pretty fast, don’t need to charge. Need to keep glove low, and wait for ball to get into glove. Now make sure I have a good grip on the ball, and jump into throwing position. Hmm, runner is in my peripheral vision running pretty fast, so I should add some extra special mph to the throw. Pretty good throw to 1st, this will be really close. “

So i threw the guy out by half a step. 🙂

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