Sadie Hawkin’s Style Dance


One of my love languages is quality time, but I sometimes like the girl to create a date. So Sherri tried to make one for me, she just told me to wear a polo shirt and khaki’s.

I didn’t know where we were going, so I had worn white socks. As we are driving around oakland, I thought we were going to some sunday night church service. Mostly because we parked in front of a church, then I walked down to the veteran’s center.

Once we got inside, I realize it was a ballroom dancing class. If I had known we were ball room dancing, I would have taken out my dancing shoes which were sitting in my trunk. However, I thought I could get through it by just using my dress shoes.

The people in the class with me were much older. It was kind of fun dancing with them, but not really. It is kind of hard to practice dancing with different people very rapidly. For some of women, they thought I pushed them too hard (which I believe was because the women were being very light with their hands, which made it really hard for me to feel any feedback from them).

What is actually really annoying is people back leading. Sherri tried to backlead me a couple times, so I had to tell her to stop backleading. It is because she usually danced with guys that didn’t know what they were doing. However, I knew what I was trying to do, so it was really funny when I set up a turn to the left, and she randomly decided to turn to the right. Smile


The celebration for today was the ball room’s 10’th anniversay. So they had a live band, and a lot of swing dancing, and a swing dance performance. Smile

Overall, I loved the night, and found it really fun. Makes me want to have my birthday as a swing dance party.

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