Sad Day: Farewell Dad


Today was the day we placed my dad’s urn into his spot in the Chapel of the Chimes. I was pretty sad, but it weird. I am really happy for him because he is in heaven now, and the burden to take care of him is gone. The biggest way I want to think of it is like my dad is being enshrined in the Hall of Fame. That was what we were doing when me placed his ashes in the wall.


The wall looks something like this except on the first floor. All my relatives were there, and my dad’s friend pastor from college was there giving a little message. Kelly and I had worked on making everything fit in our practice placement. However the real one came just a little smaller in terms of depth.


We wanted to put a calculator in there that my dad had used forever. I always think of my dad using it when I see him.

The items in there:

Two pictures of my dad, the one on the left was taking in december. Sherri wanted to help us take some family portraits. So that was the last one where we had our own picture. The picture is my dad on a cruise. He loved to celebrate and throw his arms out. So Kelly thought of him soaring.

The windex is the proxy for the urn (the funeral home has it, and put all the ashes into it). The poem on the right is my dad’s favorite bible verse (Psalm 23).

The coin is the one I bought to celebrate his life, it is a 2016 National Parks Commerative Coin. It is only 45 dollars, so I hope no one breaks into the glass to take it, I would be a little piss.

There is a bible and my dad’s baptism card

On the bottom is 4 of my magician silks, because they are really small and only good for being vanished, and not vanishing things.


Here is the end product, I’ll get a good picture one day, my phone was being a punk and not responding to me.

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