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So I decided to make a puppet for the children’s program. The video series has puppets in them, so I thought if I made puppet it would add a lot to it.

I went to JoAnn’s to buy fabric, it is pretty funny just standing there in line by myself as the only guy there. And what kind of scares me is when someone is using those sewing machines, it moves the needles so fast.IMAG1442

To get a shirt for my puppet, I went to goodwill and looked for a toddler sized shirt. Smile 


How do I make a puppet? I look online at ehow, and a youtube video. From the video I just saw the guy cut and glue his face on.



As for my cutting, I accidentally cut it too evenly in the middle.IMAG1446IMAG1447IMAG1448IMAG1449

There is the tongue.


Two pieces that will form the head, the top and bottom.


This is my puppet, and I am calling him Zed. It took me around 4 hours to make it. I

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