Preparing for the Color Run

So on friday, I went to my high school classmates house to prepare for the color run. I actually never went to his house in high school, so I didn’t know who his parents were. It was kind of funny when I walked in at around 6:45, his mom fed me so much food. Smile

Ended up eating steak, potatoes, veggies, and some other stuff. Very nice family.

The most interesting part was that I never knew that his mom was the campus patroller. I had seen her on campus all the time as a kid, however she didn’t remember ne too well, it must have been because I was a good kid. Smile


My other funny thing for that night was how the whole family had this nicktoons show Alien Dawn on. None of us were really watching it, because it was really corny, and something only a teen girl would like. The only reason they had it was because my friend’s older brother was the editor for the show.


We were hanging out in the backyard doing our work.


Somehow, my friend said his mom bought a joke underwear for him, and I think he wanted to use that as a cape. Smile must have been a 48 inch waste or something close to that.


We were all dressed up as knights. making red capes, putting bells on them, then making stuff like a shield, crown, arm and shin guards. Smile

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