Portland Trip Day 1 Part 1


So we flew out today to portland. Chosen and I went southwest, and I think sherri and jaime went american airlines. Smile 

So to setup for the trip we had a spreadsheet for oregon that Jaime and I finished setting up 2 weeks before the trip. We had a list of places we wanted to go to, and built in a lot of extra time. I was pretty excited because I set up a biking tour.

Our first funny story was how Chosen and I were waiting for Jaime and Sherri at the “departure” lane of the airport. We sent them a glimpse, but they were one floor below us, so we never saw them. Hahahaha, they razzled us all night because of it.

So the first place we went to was the “hidden tiger”, which was right next door to the air bnb place we rented out.


Since it was 4th of July, we had a lot of patriotic pride. So we watched world cup soccer and enjoyed the food there. There is a pretty good selection of beer in portland.  IMAG2417


We also saw the “hot dog” eating contest. That is such a nasty competition. Watching all those guys try to stuff themselves, and looking like they will throw up. Sad smile

We also sat next to a lot of hipsters, all in bow ties, suspenders, and fancy shoes. I didn’t take any pictures of the place we got. However I will try to describe it in words.

There was a nice living room with two couches (One couch was really crappy) and the other couch was the ikea futon (the same one Chosen has, so he had to help us open it up and set it down). There was a good size dining room, a big kitchen, 1 restroom, and 2 big rooms with a queen size bed in each room.

The place was pretty bare except for vintage shelves, and dressers. While there were random spotlight, globe, and pictures lining the wall. It had a very portlandia feel to it.


I have a good feeling about this trip, and we are going to take a nap before we get ready for tonight’s festivities. I went to sleep at 1 am, and chosen had gone to sleep at 3am.

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