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Okay here is the last picture from work. I will show a picture of the stalin-esque teddy bear. This was funny, when my friends and I were watching Toy Story 3, we went to a 2:30pm showing. The place was packed with 6-8 year olds. When this bear appeared in the movie, my friend turns to the other two of us and says jokingly “Haha, that bear looks so Stalinish” He guessed correctly.



In the afternoon after work, I went to big five to buy a new pair of sunglasses, because the ones that I was using in my car that I bought from rite aid to just protect my eyes broke. (I was trying to adjust it, and broke it). But as I was walking into Big 5 they have this huge fold out chair, reminds me of the seen where NPH, in Dr. Horrible Sing along blog, starts to sing while sitting in a hugh single seat couch.



I think it could fit 3 of me in there =). If I had my own house, I would make one room the huge sized room. So it makes everyone feel like a little kid in it. =)


Finally, today I stepped it up and did my mentorship of my mentee. I have a high school boy from church who is in 10th grade, so I decided we would do mentoring today at Eon Coffee shop. I thought it would be a good idea, so we could go over the book that we were working on together, which was called “Jesus is for Liars” by Tim Baker. That was not the funny part, which will come after the picture.


I had a mulberry iced tea, and that brownie cheesecake, because I was hungry and wanted to spoil my dinner. =)



Here is my mentee reading, and what i’m looking at. IMAG0287


Okay time for the story part, so while he is reading, I’m just sitting there relaxing. Eon Coffee is right next to Chabot Community College, so there were a lot of young people coming in. Anyway, here is the funny part.


So there was this cute girl that walked in. Actually, I think you can see her in the picture in the far left. I took this picture of my mentee just as he was finishing up his reading. Anyway, so i’m starting to talk to him, trying to listen to him. What happens next, that girl in the back would move every once in a while, and sneak glances at me.

I wanted to give my mentee my full attention, so I took off my glasses so I couldn’t see that she was turning her head. However, inception had already occurred in my mind, and I really wanted to go talk to her, but I had to concentrate on my mentee. It was extremely hard, I was using everything I have left to stay focus on him. Hardest mentoring day I ever had with him. =)

Last picture of the day, I really like it when I squish my thumper rabbit stuff animal. Then I also added my transformer car to my selection of toys in my car. IMAG0285

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