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On Sunday after church, Sherri and I went to see another play. Smile We invited a lot of people from church, but none of them could make it.


It was a for free play put on at a park in Hayward. Geared primarily towards family with kids. However some of the stuff they joked about and referenced, seem more geared towards people in their 20’s/30’s.

Sherri and I got hot dogs from Caspers, and she thought the hot dog shop was very interesting. Mostly because it was old ladies working in there, who did things slowly and very relaxed, as if we were living in some midwest town.


I brought our portable chairs, and we just set up in the field. There was a big family bbq happening at the same time.


The actors were really good. They had really good stage presence and could be easily heard. My favorite is was the lady on the top that started off being an elephant for “How the elephant got its long nose”. She did this really cute little skip, that I think all the kids liked.


Their stage was super cute, and they had so many costumes and props on stage to work with. They ended up doing 4 stories, how the whale his throat, how the elephant got its nose, beginning of the armadillos, how the kangaroo learned to jump.

So they had some sing a longs, and all the kids loved it. They also got pieces of cake from the bbq party. Hahahhaha, it was hilarious, one of the actress was a leopard who was looking for food, then looking for a turtle, and a porcupine.

It was a pretty good day overall, then we went back to my house, and people came over to watch Doctor who, and the strain. That show is getting so interesting now, because they have a lot of vampire killings, and attacks. With the heroes of the show starting to fight back.

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