MacBeth @ Fort Point


I was so excited to see We Players perform MacBeth at Fort Point. I have loved alcatraz (hamlet) and odysseus, as you may notice from previous posts.

To prepare for MacBeth, I read a quick sparknotes to try to get an overview.


It was a really nice day in the city, as you can tell. The water was flowing strongly, and the sun was starting to set overhead. So there was a nice sunset coming soon.


There must have been around 200 people there, because they broke it into 2 armies. So I followed one lady docent, the star troupe. It was  also very nice and cozy. IMAG1689IMAG1690IMAG1702IMAG1697IMAG1691

Fort point itself is pretty small. It is really just a fort with 3 floors and a roof. And for them, they did the play and most of the time we were on the 1 and 2nd floor. The 3rd floor was actually a banquet table, so we could see the “banquet scene” where hamlet sees his dead friend.



It was really cold once the sun set. I started to freeze, because I gave all my clothes to sherri. However, it wasn’t pretty nice that there were a lot of people, because that kind of gave us more windshield. Meanwhile the fort is like a windtunnel, so the wind is blowing strong at us.



There were nice cityviews from the end of the marina


There is a happy girl.

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