Living a simple life

My friends at church love football. How much do we love it, after young adult fellowship we started playing some football. We were doing drills.


At first we started with us just finding the hole in the line. Using the cones to making 2 holes and we would randomly fill one. So the person would have to run to the other hole.

After a while it turned into a lead blocking drill for flag football. We were using socks as our flag because the other guys had gone home (we were playing at church at 11:45pm-ish. This was a pretty crazy thing.

Yesterday when I was coming home. I saw a huge spiderweb on the lawn. Whatever this spider was, it was making a huge web. You have to kind of look to the left side of the closest green bush, and you can kind of see the strands of the web.


Finally, at lunch today, there was a car in front of me with a broken window. So the guy had to open his door to talk to the drive through line, and get his food. =) hehehehe


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