Last day for my engineering manager


So yesterday was manager’s last day. So we still went to the A’s game today to have one last hurrah. The funniest thing was how in the office, the president of the company was telling us that the engineering team has to absorb back in the two “special project engineers”. Who we had kicked out of our engineering team, because their scheduling was not controlled by the engineering manager.

Thes guys we work with all the time, but since they were coming back into our group. I go give each guy a pat on the back and say “welcome back to our team”. =)

As for lunchtime, my co-worker made me bring my guitar. So we both sang and played “Soul Sista” by train, and “i’m yours” jason mraz during lunch time.

After work we went to the A’s game, where all my picutres from today were taken.


I wish I could grow a nice moustache like that. All I get is a dirty looking one. My moustache doesn’t even go over my own face, it looks more like the cartoon tony stark facial hair.


We were trying to get balls for my manager and one of the vendors/instructor who teaches us.


I have a beer in my hand, not a good way to play baseball.


The A’s Win, I’m happy.

Good Night

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