labs galore

I spent all day working on both my labs. My lab partner was frustrating me, because he had no idea what was happening. And kept on getting me confused becuase he was asking me questions about things that didn’t make sense. So it was confusing me. So I told him, don’t worry.

I think for my design lab, we spent 3 hours at home depot trying to find the right parts. We bought so many screws it cost us around 60 dollars. But I think we bought a lot of extra stuff that we will return later. We got around 25 dollars worth of screws, nuts, and nails. Kyle was looking at the stuff and saying “hmm, we might need that. Lets get this just in case, and it turned into a lot”. So I think its going to be interesting working on this project at Kyle’s place. I think all his roommates are liberal arts major and they party a lot. I walk in, and I see 3 kegs on the floor. And they do the thursday drinking. So when we work on our project thursday afternoon/night, we might need to make sure they don’t come do stupid drunk things while we are working on our project.

speaking of their house, their backyard is just full of ivy. We started looking around for parts, and we found 2 bikes, that look like they were being eaten by the ivy. We might take those bikes apart for parts.

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