So yesterday at AACF, they had pastor tonye from shoreline speaking. And he was talking on worship. Then for some reason throughout his message I kept on thinking of God as being a tag team partner in a wrestling match. And its like he’s on the ropes, and he’s ready for me to tag him in, but sometimes I don’t tag him in. Then I tag him in only when I’m in desparate need. Or it could be that I am watching too much wrestling.

You know what feels very awkward to people, I’m not sure if I would feel as awkward is when there are couples around you. I was sitting around and talking to Jeff, and I was wondering why he wasn’t walking back to his place with the other people. And he was telling me becuase its kind of awkward walking with the 3 couples. So then I thought, I feel for him. And I told him he could come to my place if he wants.

What’s funny, sometimes I’m walking with my classmate and talking to him. Then all of a sudden we find ourselves in front of his car. And then they give me a ride to my place, becuase I walked the long way back. So they offer me a ride home.

So the realtor is starting to show our place around. So we throw two chairs, and a blanket over the stuff to make the closet look like a closet.

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