Katie and Brian Han’s Wedding


We went to a fun saturday. It was Brian and Katie’s wedding, it was held at a house in pacifica. The house was Katie’s Aunt’s place, and we found out the uncle was one of the first workers at genetech (So paula’s co-worker).

The wedding day was perfect, it was really sunny and a good 75F weather. The hor’ dores looked really pretty, they had heinken, and corn dog bites, chinese chicken salad in to go boxes, and


There was also some really good tacos made from the people catering the taco meat. It was delicious, and I just know that Sherri and friends all ended up in the balcony next to the two people making all the mexican food. Smile


The back of the house had a really great view of the side of the mountains, and the giant field on the other side of the street.


I had a wonderful time with Sherri just celebrating. But since we are still newlyweds, I did some things that made her sad, and she was angry at me for at least one hour before the wedding started. It was because I couldn’t really hear here, and I walked too fast  because I wanted to use the restroom and left her behind. Then she was angry at me, and gave me a stink face for a while until the wedding started. It made me sad because my body was starting to hurt and I couldn’t really care or think of someone else at that time, because I was holding it. The thing that sucked was that once I got sherri mad, I could not do anything to make her feel better. I just have to wait, kind of like when you get a timeout and sit in the corner for 30 minutes.

Overall, I really liked the wedding, and thought it was a really fun day, The really funny thing was how the wedding time was from 2pm-6:30pm. So we all got back home at around 7:30 pm. Enough time to do other stuff at home.

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