So today I went to eat salvadorian with Joe. It was interesting finding a really good salvador restaurant in hayward. I didn’t know about it, and none of my co-workers knew about it too. One of the interesting things today about talking to Joe was that I got asked to be his groomsman.

That is pretty cool, because I have never been a groomsman before. So I think I just sit around and look pretty.

Frances wanted to see my reaction, and I was like “cool”. I think she was hoping for more.

Michelle also told me a story about how my roommate Chosen, and Derek talked about being a best man. They just walked past each other, and Derek asked Chosen, “hey, you want to be my best man?”. Then Chosen said “sure”. As Derek was walking by and sitting down next on the couch near michelle. Then Michelle asked him “that was it?” because it seemed to anti-climatic.

Then we finished off the night at Englander and a nearby pub to celebrate Joe’s new Job. Smile

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