Hitchcock, Psycho

So I went with my co-worker tonight after work to watch the hitchcock move “Psycho” at the stanford theatre (It was hitchcock movie festival). He bought his cousin, and his friends wife (cousin invited her). 

We ate some falafel across the street from the theatre. Then we went to watch the movie around 830pm. They were showing two different movies “Psycho” and “The Birds”.IMAG1125

When we walked in, we saw 3 people wearing angry bird beanies coming out of “the birds”. We thought it was really fitting and funny.


So they had all these movie posters up and about in a different room. While I waited for the movie doors to open, I walked around this area.

Now inside the theatre.


It had really nice architecture


There was a guy in the middle playing the organ. He was playing just regular music, and I joked with my co-worker that it would be funny if he turned around and was a skeleton. Then have the doors all slam shut and the lights dim really low. That would freak us all out, however, the guy did turn around. He looked like a regular 60 year old man.


So just before the movie was about to start, the organ player played a “sinister” sounding song, and the curtains were pulled away, and the organist was slowly lowered into the stage.

A review of the movie psycho. I watched it once, but I guess I forgot a lot of it. It is a great film, and the scary psycho sound and high angle shots made it pretty scary. There was one lady that started screaming in anticipation of screaming. That made me chuckle on the inside. Smile

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