Graceland Retreat (Part 2)

Just like a real interesting person, I didn’t upload all the pictures I had onto facebook. So there are some extra images on here, or more storyline to each one.

So satruday was the day the graceland retreat officially started. And everyone got a really pretty name tag.


The can was part of the scavenger hunt, I bought 3 of them (I think they are easter egg cans) and just put the next hint into it.


Everyone got to see the freefall trick. However this time I made candy come out of a jar in the bag. It was really funny, because whenever I’m up there talking, it is more of a, “lets interact with Andrew moment”.

Then I also had my first misspeak of that day, I was trying to say “my favorite thing Jesus did from the bible was make the fish and bread to feed 5000, and then say I would want to illustrate what I think it will look like”.

However all i really ended up saying was “I saw Jesus do this before”. Hahahah, and Ben who is sitting right in the front with the light blue goes “oooh, blasphemy”, and everyone is laughing so hard. But they were amazed when they saw me pull the glass of candy out.

Random side track


The path from the cabin to the dining hall.

So we got to have a guest speaker, his name was Gordon Ott, he was a staff member for a couple of the guys in our chruch that came from Carnagie Mellon University. It was funny how he got that last name, when his grandfather came to the US he spelled his name with his last name first. So it was Lee Ott. So that was how he has that last name.

His messages were really relevent and good, because he brought in a lot of his own personal life and talked about how he struggled, and had God help him with learning how to give everything over to God. Not trying to own the problem himself, and use his own power to accomplish it, but instead give it back up to God.

He also wrote a lot of good discussion questions that just challenged me. I’m stillin thinking about them, and i guess in the future I will blog about it when I’m ready.

Then there was this really great story he was telling about. The life of Glady Aylward, “the little woman”. He recommended we all go see this older movie based off of her life called “” which is a pretty accurate except for the part where she has an asian guy helping her lead the orphans.


It took me a lot of friday night to prepare the ending of the games. I cheated and found an online sodoku answering program and had it finished off a medium sodoku for me, becuase I was tired.

Then we come to the games. So it was pretty interesting what people thought was the most expensive. The glider was the most expensive but everyone though the transformer was.


I was wearing that bumblebee glasses, which in the previous post showed what I saw though it. It messed up what i saw, but there were extra tinting on the glasses that had hte images of the autobots, so when you blew a bubble you would see that symbol around the bubble when it had direct sunlight hitting the bubble.

My friends were trying to figure out for a good 10 minutes how it was “3-D Bubbles”, and i was when we saw the bubbles in the sunlight “10 feet” away, did it become clear that you could see the autobot shields.


In the morning, I had walked all the way out to the amphiteatre and put 8 tea bags everywhere.

So the games went like this

1) Playdough Pictionary – Get 3 images correct
2) Price is right – choose the right image which will determin the difficulty of the sodoku puzzle
3) sodoku
4) Eat my red vine laced “do not bite thist” nial polish
5) Get a tea bag
6) Angry Bird – Hit a origami ball pig,
7) Scavenger hunt/race until the ending location (there were 4 locations they had to go to)

Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the game.


Then for free time some of us went on a hike, 6 of us, and it was really muddle on the walk. Good thing I wasn’t wearing socks in my running shoes. Becuase whnever we went by a small stream, I would stick my shoes in to get cleaned. Which soaked up my feet, but it was worth it. =)


I wanted to say hi, and Doug wanted to take a picture of me.


So we hiked all the way from the campsite to a lake. Which turned out to be full of red algae and looked nasty. It was a good 4 miles away, so it took us around 1 hour there and 1 hour back. (with picture breaks in between).

Joanna wanted us to take shadow pictures, so we did. It was a do anything, so i’m not sure if you know which one is me. But vinesh said it was easy to guess which one was me based on the pose. If you don’t know you will see which one I tagged myself with on facebook. Or just guess based on the angle from which the picture was taken from.


Ran into a couple dead end areas.

Bonus Story:

Okay, so last thing I need to write about in my blog. Doug wanted to be mentioned in a story on my blog. So here is the story, I brought that roadrunner towel with me.

After the hike, Doug and I were really muddy. So we went to take a shower, and he didn’t bring a towel. Therefore we shared a towel, I had brought the road runner towel with me. So I decided I’ll use the side with the road runner, and he took the blank side of the towel. Since he showers faster than me, he used the towel first then he threw me the towel over the wall into the spot i was showering at. then once we were both down wiping outselves down and clothed, we used the towel to wipe our feet. That is the story with Doug in it. =)


Now, I’m going to sleep and power study the rest of the week, so I don’t think i’ll really have as much to blog about because I should be studying. =)

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