=( Feeling day


This picture is what I think of today at work. It felt like there was a dark cloud hovering over me, because I was really distracted especially by the things that happened at work yesterday. So my other two engineering co-workers had to assure me that they believed I was safe, and said they were going to protect me as much as they possible could. Now, all I can do is just continue to work and see how events unfold.


Now for the funny part of the day. My co-worker has some specification books for his projects under his desk. I have some for myself, but the ones I have don’t have the info that his had. So while he was away from the desk, I was sitting under his desk looking through the several books there for a certain item. My co-worker came back and sat back down in his desk, and after I found my item I got back from out under his desk. This scared the crap out of him, and he jumped back going “what are you doing there?”, “I said I need to borrow this book”. Then I walk to my desk.


Now I go back with my co-workers spec book and go underneath his chair. I’m under his desk and I see a spider crawling on another spec book, so I say “oh look there is a spider”. Then I drop my spec book on it, and you hear a thud. Then you hear my other co-worker that is the desk right over go “oh, the spider is no more”. My co-worker whose desk i was under goes “where is the spider”, and my other co-worker goes “didn’t you hear that thud, Andrew just squished it”. =)


Last thing of the day, I was trying to figure out last night. What is the latest I would call someone. For me, in college I think the lastest I would call another student was before 11pm. I have been called by my fellow students at 11:30pm. Then when I started workin, I try to aim for before 9pm. However, I have called up to 10pm.

I was just wondering because I left a “hi, how are you message” message for Christina at 8pm, and she calls me back at 10:45pm. But I was away from the phone, so when I came back 10 minutes later, I was thinking should I call her back? It is almost 11pm, but she called at 10:45pm. So I did. and she was still awake. So I am all in the clear, don’t want to get a girl mad because they scare me more than an angry guy.

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