Daisy and Rue Bonding?


So I was learning how to bond the rabbits together. They told me that rabbits need time to co-exists. I can’t let them sleep in the same pen together, and when I bring them out on dates I have to watch them carefully.

First thing I had to do was put the rabbits in a neutral territory, that way they would both be uncomfortable and maybe bond together. It looked promising on day one, they could co-exist.


Then day two, I put both of them in my restroom, and I sat on my toilet with a broom just in case they started to fight. And these rabbits are fast, the rabbit bit each other and started to duke it out. So I had to use the broom to keep them separate.

The funny story of the day. I tried to bond them in several different spots in the house. One was in the living room, however during that encounter, as the rabbits came nose to nose with each other, Rue bit daisy in the mouth, and Daisy was pissed so ran to bit Rue on the back. I saw that and used my broom to move them both away momentarily (3 feet apart). However, Daisy is pissed off and runs towards rue. So I take my broom and sweep super hard, sending daisy flying off her feet towards the sliding door to my backyard. With enough space I grab daisy and make her go back into the cage. 

Analysis: Bonding these rabbits is a pain in the butt. One of the ladies at the rabbit center volunteered to help me bond them. So I went over and watched her as she did her magic. It is interesting seeing how she showed the rabbit who was the top dog. When the rabbits were close to each other, she would snap her fingers, and Daisy would change her demeanor. So I figured some of that stuff out.

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