Church Retreat Day 1 & 2


This year the church’s retreat was at Sonoma state. Which is a pretty nice campus, I would have liked to come here to school, they had a huge main University Union. 4 floors of chairs and lounge areas.


This year’s theme is Game of Thrones “Who’s Side are you on”. It was pastor eddie speaking, and he is doing a great job even though he is sick with something that is making him snuffle and have a sore throat. What has he been teaching me, it is for us to realize how we serve a King, and if we are serving a King do we just take his orders as nilly willy, or do we actually do what he says. When God says “Go preach my words to the ends of the earth”, do you take it with a grain of salt, or if you think of God as a king! wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to obey?

I found that to be really challenging, because I have been starting to take God lightly.


There was a really interesting game made for the retreat. Kind of like an escape from the room type thing that lasted over 3 days.

This is the last clue. The first one was sounds that super heroes made, 2nd one was Dr. Ums. Which means drums. Then here is the last one.

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