Cat Barf

So for my last day, I had breakfast at this place that made swedish breakfast. It was like the food you would get at ikea (the cinnanmon bun), and other stuff.

I was at my friends place getting some stuff before I was to leave. I saw this in the corner. It took me an hour before I figured it out as being cat barf. I thought it was poop at the beginning, but it didn’t smell bad. It was really nasty cleaning it up. Makes me not want to have a cat.


I said good bye to my friend and went home.


This beer nursed me through the airport, because my flight was delayed from the bad weather. It delayed my flight by 3 hours, it was a good thing the A’s had a 14 inning game, because that took up an hour. I also saw a lot of other people on the flight to oakland at the bar too!

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